Department of dinamics and stability of continuous media

Chief: Professor A. N. Guz', Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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Basic Scientific Trends:

Three-dimensional linearized theory of stability of deformed bodies for different elastic, plastic and rheological models. Propagation of elastic waves in the bodies with initial stresses and grounds of the supersound methods of determining stresses in rigid bodies.

Nonclassical problems of fracture mechanics (composites compression along the reinforcing members; account of the action of initial stresses along the cracks, bearing stress of butt-ends and separation into single filaments in the composites; compressing along the parallel cracks, allowance for preliminary loss of stability; allowance for the contact interaction of the crack edges under dynamic loads), whose analysis is impossible in the frameworks of the well-known fracture criteria. Three-dimensional stability of composites and members of structures made of them.

Stress concentration near the holes in the shells. Dynamics of compressible viscous fluid and rigid particles staying in it. Three-dimensional linearized theory of stability of the mountain workings. Theory of contact problems for materials with initial stresses. Mechanics of laminated and fibrous composites with distorted structures. Experimental methods of mechanics of shells with nonstationary aerohydroelasticity.