Department of materials fracture mechanics

Chief: Professor A.A.Kaminsky

phone: 441 77 69 fax: 456 03 19 -mail: ,

Basic Scientific Trends:

Theory of long-term fracture of isotropic and anisotropic viscoelastic bodies with crack under the effect of constant and variable loads.

Theory and methods of the study of slow pre-critical development of cracks in polymers and composites on their basis.

The method of solution of statical problems of linear theory of viscoelasticity for anisotropic bodies based on the use of continued fractions.

Study in regularities of changes in the stressed state in viscoelastic anisotropic bodies (composites) with stress concentrators.

Theory of slow precritical development of cracks in viscoelastic ageing materials.

Theory of two-parametric fracture criteria of elasto-plastic bodies with cracks, invariant in respect to the kind of the stressed state the crack front.

Structure-mechanical models of the deformation strengthening and fracture of isotropic and plastic anisotropic structural metals.

Experimental methods of fracture mechanics of the structural metals determination of characteristics of crack-resistance and structure of the plastic zone near the crack apex.