Department of vibration theory

Chief: Professor V.D.Kubenko, Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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Basic Scientific Trends:

Theory of nonstationary hydroelasticity of thin-walled members of structures and their systems, interacting with ideal compressible liquid under the effect of shock waves and pulse loads.

Theory and methods of the investigation of impact of the solid elastic bodies with the liquid surface or elastic medium.

Study of peculiarities of the radiation (reception) of nonstationary acoustic signals by piezoceramic radiators.

Study of nonstationary deformation of piezoceramic bodies (shells) and systems under the effect of electric loads and waves in liquid.

Dynamics of interaction of spherical and cylindrical bodies in liquid under wave and oscillation effects.

Theory of nonlinear oscillations of rigid vessels and elastic shells of revolution, partially filled with liquid (multimode analysis).

Dynamics of vibroexcitation of hydrogas mixture in resonance and nonresonance regimes.

Динамика вибровозбуждения гидрогазовой смеси в резонансных и нерезонансных режимах.