Department of computer mechanics and engineering

Chief: Yu.V.Kokhanenko

phone: 441 77 85 fax: 456 03 19 -mail: ,

Basic Scientific Trends:

Development of the basic classes of the problems of mechanics of the deformed solid on the basis of grating approach within the frameworks of the conception of base schemes of new discrete models for numerical solution.

Development of the method of solution of network equations.

Development of technologies of programming and construction of discrete problems on the basis of modem software and computer technologies.

Nowadays the developed computer facilities are used for the study of the following problems of mechanics of composites and structure members: linearized theory of composites stability under nonhomogeneous precritical state in the accurate statement (three-dimensional equations for piecewise-homogeneous medium); theory of the boundary effects of composites in accurate statement (three-dimensional equations and quantitative criteria of the boundary effects damping, model of piecewise-homogeneous medium).