Department of mechanics of stochastic nonhomogeneous media

Chief: Professor L. P. Khoroshun

phone: 456 42 51 fax: 456 03 19 -mail: ,

Basic Scientific Trends:

Theory and methods of prediction of physico-mechanical properties of composite materials of stochastic structure. Continual mechanics of multiphase media (elastic two-component mixtures, porous saturated media, liquid-dispersed mixtures, bubble liquids, two-temperature thermoelasticity).

Theory of laminated plates and shells constructed on the basis of the idea of nonhomogeneous state of thin-walled member of the structure, arbitrary in thickness.

New models of crack mechanics and crack resistance of the material. Mechanics of coupled processes of deformation and micro injuries of homogeneous and composite materials.

Thermodynamic theory of viscoelastic and plastic deformations. Statistical mechanics of atom-molecular systems constructed on the basis of averaging the stochastic equations of motion.