Department of mechanics of composition media

Chief: Professor I.Yu.Babich

phone: 456 02 20 fax: 456 03 19 -mail: ,

Basic Scientific Trends:

Micromechanics of reinforced materials, methods of research of deformation in materials with elastic and elastoplastic components.

Three-dimensional theory and problems of structural (inner) instability and fracture in the composition materials in three-dimensional and specified applied formulations (evaluation of application fields of applied theories, allowance for the effect of physico-mechanical elastic and inelastic properties of materials, reinforcement schemes structural and geometrical imperfections on critical loadings.

Optimal control of stress-strained state of the shell members of the structures from the composition and piezoelectric materials by means of localized inner force, thermal and electrical effects.

Experimental study of physico-mechanical properties of composition materials and supporting ability of the structures members.