Department of thermoelasticity

Chief: Professor V.G.Karnaukhov

phone: 441 77 63 fax: 456 03 19 -mail: ,

Basic Scientific Trends:

Studies in quasi-statical and dynamic processes of deformation of elastic an viscoelastic spatial and thin-walled bodies under stationary mechanical an thermal effects in nonconnected statement.

Thermodynamic theory of dissipative deformable media under mechanical thermal and electromagnetic effects.

Models and methods of the study of cyclic processes in inelastic piezoelectric and ferromagnetic deformed bodies with allowance for coupling of mechanical thermal and electromagnetic fields.

Theory and methods of the study of the connected quasi-statical and dynamical thermomechanical processes in viscoelastic and viscoplastic deformed bodies under nonstationary and cyclic loadings.

Simulation of cyclic processes of deformation in viscoelastic and viscoplastic plates and shells with regard for dissipative heating.