Department of electroelasticity

Chief: N.A.Shulga, Corr. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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Basic Scientific Trends:

Theory, mathematical models and methods of analysis of dynamic deformation of solids from compositional, piezoelectrical, electro-  and magnetostrictional materials under interaction with the environment.

Dispersed distribution of elastic, acoustoelectrical, magnetostatical, magnetoelastic waves (surface, volume, normal) in anisotropic laminated-periodical media (composite materials, piezoelectrical supergratings, ferrite-dielectrical structures).

Numerical-analytical and numerical methods of the study of harmonic and nonstationary oscillations of thin-walled elastic and piezoeletrical structural members (shells with rigidity ribs, laminated plated converters, shells with continuous and disconnected electrodes) and massive bodies.

Study of nonlinear oscillations and evolution of flexible branched extended systems (buoy, anchored, towed) with attached masses and uniteral constraints in liquid.