International Applied Mechanics
Impact-Factor 2005 .: 1,740*

of the international scientific journal Prikladnaya mekhanika

1. In the journal PRIKLADNAYA MEKHANIKA, the not published elsewhere before and not planned for simultaneous publications in other editions original articles and also invited review and generalizing articles are inserted. The original articles should contain new scientific results of theoretical and experimental investigations in the field of mechanics of deformable and rigid bodies. The plan of publications of reviews is approved by the Editorial Board on the base of proposals of the Editorial Board members.

2. The article must be presented in two copies 14 20 pages, typewritten on one side of the standard sheet (21x30cm), double-spaced, and with margins 3cm on the left and 1cm on the right. The title should be as brief as possible, 6 to 12 words. The total number of figures must be 6 10. It is advisable to present the text and illustrations on the diskette in the form of separate files in Windows for IBM PC formats (Word 97/2000, Word Perfect, in other cases with the pdf extension).

3. Formulas and notations with vertical spacing about 1cm should be typeset on PC . They must be thoroughly typewritten, checked, and be ready to using by a typesetter. Numbers of cited in text formulas (Arabic ciphers) must be involved in parentheses on the right border of a text body.

4. The double numeration of formulas is recommended: the first number designates the section number, the second (after dot) designates the formula number (for example, (2.13)). The formulas having not citations in the text are not numbered.

5. The simplest symbols and indexes are recommended for mathematical notations. The awkward expressions should be avoided using reduced notations, published articles citing, verbal explanations and so on.

6. Figures and tables should be added on separate sheets, their location in the text should be indicated. Figures must be made in PC with the resolution more than 300 dpi and have the clear image. Figures should have any underlying texts; all explanations to figures should be inserted into the text. The inscriptions overloading the figure must be changed on number or letter notations with explanations of them in the text. The preferable size of the figure is the one admissible for the publication in the scale 1:1.

7. The used in the manuscript units of physical quantities must correspond to the SI system.

8. The list of references should be given in the alphabetical order at the end of the article. The references on the cited origins should be indicated in the text in the square brackets. The examples of writing of basic types of references are given below.

9. In the case, when the article was revised, the date of receiving of the revised text is assumed as the date of submission. The request for revising does not mean that the article is accepted to publication, the revised article is considered anew by the Editorial Board.

10. At the end of the article, the name and first name of the author, his address, e-mail, fax, phone, and the full appellation of the organization where the article is carried out, and also the date and signature should be written. The article must be accompanied by corresponding documents.

11. The article must be accompanied by the summary in Russian,Ukrainian and English of not more than 100 words and key words (not more than 2 lines), and also the translation of the article title and authors names.

12. Before the article text, the numerical code of the Universal Decimal Codes must be indicated.

13. The copyrights of the published in the journal articles is transferred to the publisher. The publisher has the right to correct the manuscript. In the case of a refusal in the publication, the Editorial Board reserves the right to send back not one copy of the article.

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